4th Jun 2024

Sustainable Forest Initiative

For just over 35 years, we’ve been working hard to ensure words such as eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable and recyclable – you name it - are synonymous with the De Lorenzo brand, and now we’re taking another step to further reduce the impact of our environmental footprint!

One aspect of our brand that we’re passionate about is discovering ways our product packaging can be even more sustainable. With this in mind, we’ve expanded our working relationship with our packaging company, Impact International, to become part of Impact International’s Sustainable Forest Initiative.

Designed to help protect native Australian wildlife and fauna, whilst also reducing the carbon footprint of packaging, the Impact Forest is located 40 minutes from Canberra and currently spans across 114 acres of former farmland.

With Impact officially taking control of the property in September 2020,incredibly, this farmland is now home to a 20,000 tree forest, including approximately 1,300 native Australian trees. 

A portion of these trees (one of 20 lots) have been purchased by De Lorenzo to offset our carbon emissions of the product tubes manufactured by Impact International for our brand.

So, how does it work?


Impact Forest sequesters carbon which is then used to offset the carbon footprint of our tubes. Based on a standard extruded plastic tube that holds 100mL of product, our section of the forest, which is 1000 trees, can offset raw materials to manufacture approximately 1.5 million 100mL tubes each year!

We love that it’s such a unique and inspired initiative to be a part of and really furthers our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. One of the best parts of the initiative has been to visit the forest in person and actively plant 2 rows of trees (approx. 50 trees) in De Lorenzo’s section!

Being able to see the forest with our own eyes and contribute to planting a portion of our lot was super rewarding particularly knowing that we’re continuing to make an environmental impact.

In the future, we’ll not only have access to the most sustainable tubes available in the world, but we are helping to protect native wildlife, endangered and vulnerable animal species and native vegetation that will be preserved or rehabilitated through this project.

Over the years it’s become easy for us; we simply know that a more sustainable approach to our packaging means a better way of life and a happier, healthier planet!