Our Unique Approach

Beautiful hair is not sustainable without the health of both hair and scalp. Addressing the unique hair and scalp
concerns of every individual through expert knowledge, prescriptive advice and effective products is what we do best.

Our products are formulated to maitain The Four Natural Balances™ required for healthy hair and scalp: Protein,
Moisture, Natural Oils and pH Balance. This combination at the correct levels assures healthy conditioned hair.
Vincent and Anton de Lorenzo’s first salon opens in Sydney on the corner of Rowe & Castlereagh St. Soon after they moved to the eponymous salon in Sydney’s prestigious CBD Trust Building with a stylish list of A-Listers
Vincent and Anton begun researching and assembling their hair formulations, followed by the launch of the first salon-only product range to be made in Australia – De Lorenzo
Commercialisation of their first haircare range DELVA
Original DELVA manufacturing site opened
A head start to success aired on TV, making DELVA a household name
DELVA was bought out by a multinational corporation
De Lorenzo launched into the market