28th Apr 2020

De Lorenzo’s Tricho Series is a program of intense treatment products for hair and scalp concerns focusing on improving conditions like dandruff, itchiness, redness and scaling. Tricho Series offers a simple yet gentle solution by giving nature a helping hand.

The Tricho Series come in three different ranges; Tricho Scalp Balance, Tricho Scalp Control and Tricho Sensitive all free from Petrochemicals and SLS that can cause irritation to sensitive scalps.


Tricho Scalp Balance is a simple three step treatment program consisting of a cleanser, conditioner and toner formulated to relieve the symptoms of itch, dandruff, psoriasis, redness and scaling where the scalp is dry. All products contain a multi-vitamin herbal complex to promote a healthy scalp and menthol to cool and sooth.

Tricho Scalp Control is a three strep program also consisting of a cleanser, conditioner and toner and a natural remedy for the treatment of scalp concerns including dandruff, psoriasis, itch, redness and scaling. All products are created from a sophisticated blend of certified organic active ingredients.

Tricho Sensitive is a unique two step, herbal non-irritant range designed for sensitive scalps. Tricho Sensitive contains certified organic Marrubium and Fennel Fruit extract to calm and sooth the scalp, and soy protein to seal and protect.