26th Apr 2020

Before deciding on a hairstyle for the day, it is practically a ritual to check the weather forecast or look out the window. There is a fear that the process of getting ready, coupled with finding a rainproof hairstyle will add too much time and effort to our routine. But hold that thought. ‘Rainproof’ hairstyles are much easier to create than you think. Listen up!

Heidi braid HEIDI BRAIDS

The perfect solution for your locks when the weather isn’t on your side is a Heidi Braid. This style will not only withstand the rain by keeping your hair wrapped up in one place, but will also fight any wind and humidity.

Before styling your hair, wash with the correct Prescriptive Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner duo. The Control range contains a unique blend of plant extracts to control excessive oil build up leaving hair fresh and revitalised. The Moisture Balance range is rich in hydration and nourishes and restores stressed hair. Then, before blow drying, protect your locks with Defence Extinguish to prevent heat damage. Next, separate hair into pigtails and braid each side, securing with a tie. From here, take the braid on the right side over the top of your head and pin as low down on the left side behind your ear as you can. Repeat on the left side. Finish off with a spray of Elements Granite a strong hold hairspray which provides long-lasting control and protection against humidity.

Whatever your hair texture, this is the perfect go-to wet weather style!


This is the perfect, quick and easy style when you realise its pouring with rain 5 minutes before you have to leave for work (and luckily, it is easiest to recreate with dry hair!).

Start by spraying your hair through a generous dose of Elements Sandstorm dry texture spray to add some volume and roughness. Then, using your fingers, pull your hair back into a high ponytail. If you want a little added volume in your bun, backcomb your pony tail as much as desired, before loosely twisting it around to create a messy bun and pinning into place. To complete your look, spray with Elements Afterglow for added shine. Before you leave, seal and control any flyaways with Elements Vapour Mist – a light hairspray which will provide a secure, long-lasting hold without weighing hair down.

There are definitely no excuses for the rain to stop you getting out and about this Winter! Embrace these different styles you can create to keep your hair protected from the rain.

De Lorenzo x