28th Apr 2020

Australian haircare company De Lorenzo and homegrown Sydney fashion label IXIAH are thrilled to announce a 12-month brand alignment, further fusing the bond between fashion and hair!

Having already favoured IXIAH’s aesthetic for their current Autumn Winter 2020 and Spring Summer 2019/2020 collections, it’s clear each brand shares the other’s core values - being Australian made and owned, having the opportunity to tailor their style to the Australian market whilst having their own sophisticated, unique and beautiful sense of style to offer the fashion and hair industries.

Established in 2012 and born from the creative mind of designer Krystel Davis-English, IXIAH has challenged the tapestry of the fashion scene by abandoning trend driven design. Instead, Krystel draws upon her own sense of style to bring forth collections of intricately embellished, neo-tribal garments for the wild woman within. According to De Lorenzo Marketing Manager, Bridget Bajada, “De Lorenzo is really excited to align with IXIAH with the partnership supported by our team in completing their looks onset at photoshoots as well as on their social platforms.”

“Getting the design of an outfit is important but the other finishing touches also need to be in harmony. IXIAH have aligned with a number of different brands to complete the look holistically and we are proud De Lorenzo is the haircare brand they have chosen to align with.”

IXIAH encapsulates effortless yet sophisticated style through a unique blend of spirit and substance in each  design, garnering a cult following of trendsetters and global style mavens alike. Says IXIAH’s founder Krystel Davis-English, “I am thrilled to be a partner with De Lorenzo and looking forward to embarking on this creative journey and elevating it to new heights through hair and fashion.”

“As a Creative Director, aligning the IXIAH brand with another company is not an easy decision to make. To ensure this is reputable to both parties we need to ensure we share the same vision. The partner needs to have an appreciation for a unique approach to design, the alignment needs to be of a genuine nature and I am extremely cautious as sustainability and vegan friendly are important factors. All of these factors are what drew me to the De Lorenzo brand.”

“I have been astounded by their level of professionalism, their constant approach to sustainability in all aspects of their business and the complete elimination of animal bi-products in every product. I love the fact that their ingredients are typically Australian and derived from nature complimenting their tagline “inspired by nature” something that I am constantly also inspired by as a designer.”

The brand collaboration is the perfect fit between two companies that pride themselves on innovation, not following the crowd and creating works/products that are sophisticated and feminine, yet with a distinct edginess. De Lorenzo is a company proud to provide uncompromised quality and has continued to strive to be the best for over 30 years. De Lorenzo remains fiercely proud of their core philosophy for hair health, providing natural, sustainable haircare solutions.

“We are committed to the ethical manufacture of natural-based products that contain no animal ingredients. Our products are focused on the health of the scalp and the hair. Our Research and Development team continues to explore technical innovation, new ingredients and the needs of the hairdressing industry. ” – Anthony de Lorenzo, Joint Director