Curly Hair Guide

16th Oct 2023

As hairdressers and educators we commonly get asked what is the best for my curly hair to stop it looking dry and frizzy. Here at De Lorenzo we have the answers for you

Some of the common mistakes we make with curly hair are not having regular Haircuts, Over shampooing or using the incorrect shampoo for your hair type, not using a conditioner, and not using styling products, these things are an easy fix, it could just be product for hydration and a product to hold curly hair, Curly hair needs products to maintain condition shape and style through the day, this is the key to having softer less frizzy curls

When it comes to styling use a wide tooth comb only to comb your curls when wet. Once product are placed in hair you can begin your styling. We are lead to believe that curly hair needs to be scrunched up a lot to make the curl sit better but you only need to lightly scrunch your hair using a diffuser once dries apply a finishing product and try to not touch your curls through the day as oils from your hands can break down the curls

Let’s have a look at product that are curly hair must haves:

De Lorenzo Oil balance is a pre shampoo treatment that replicates the natural oils in your hair, this is recommend to help maintain and calm the frizz, spray evenly into the ends of your hair once a week before you shampoo

De Lorenzo Moisture balance shampoo will add the moisture into the hair while you are shampooing, apply a small amount about a 20 cent piece worth rub in to hands an apply evenly through hair using an open hand gentle massage the shampoo into the scalp.

De Lorenzo Moisture Balance Conditioner, will add the conditioning agents to add the moisture to the curl it will settle the frizz and create soft beautiful feeling in the hair

De Lorenzo Satur8 this product is H2O for your hair it will hydration to the hair to keep the moisture in the hair through the day, apply a golf ball amount to hair daily to rehydrates and keep those curls under control

De Lorenzo Barrel Wave will create beautiful soft hold in your hair without it feeling like it has crunch, barrel wave will maintain your style all day and keep the curls in the shape. Apply a 10 to 20 cent piece worth into your hands and rub together distribute evenly into your Hair using wide fingers trying not to rub you hair once in hair you can

De Lorenzo Prescriptive Moisturizer is applied after Barrel Wave to maintain the moisture in the ends of the hair for the day, apply a small amount into your hands rub together then apply into the hair

De Lorenzo Extinguish will protect your hair from the heat of the hairdryer whenever you use any heat on your hair you should always use a heat protect most people believe this is only for a straightening but even a hairdryer can affect the hair.

We can now style your hair to desired look using your diffuser,

To finish your look little spray with Afterglow to maintain shine and stop humidity affecting the styling and control the fizz.

All Curly hair is different and these are just a couple of products to help maintain your look but you can speak to your De Lorenzo specialist salon at any time to help prescribe what is best for your curls.