7th Mar 2024

International Women’s Day – Friday 8th March 2024 - is the perfect opportunity to globally celebrate women’s achievements, delve into gender equality and parity, champion diversity and the dismantling of stereotypes, and to Inspire Inclusion.

Closer to home, and in De Lorenzo’s company history, we have long appreciated the invaluable contributions our women in business make every day in our organisation.

We know that by encouraging diversity, growth, sharing of ideas, respecting & supporting familial commitments, and honouring achievements, we are cultivating and inspiring an inclusive workplace.

Within De Lorenzo, we employ 60 women (31 men) across different areas of expertise with an astounding 467 years of collective experience! In particular, on this IWD, we celebrate Joanne McCabe who has been with De Lorenzo for 27 years.

The phrase ‘women creatives are the pulse of inspiration’ perfectly captures our intent at De Lorenzo. We certainly have our finger on that pulse as we celebrate and chat to our inspirational women who are an essential part of our business and culture.

Joanne McCabe, Laboratory Manager/Head Chemist (27 years) has worked at De Lorenzo since she left university! “This has been my first and only full-time job, which I absolutely enjoy and so does the incredible team we have built to assist me on a daily basis. I’ve enjoyed so many proud moments over the years with De Lorenzo, yet a notable achievement is the on-going success of the Bond Defence and Illumin8 Ranges.”

“For me, the word ‘inspire’ goes well with new ideas & products, new horizons and relationships. Inclusion definitely needs to be backed up by deeds, actions and commitments, which really leans into the advancements that the participation and contribution of women have made to society at large. It’s important to me that, wherever possible, the attainment of equal status by women be truly recognised and celebrated.”

Says Megan Yabsley, Education Manager (22+ years), “To me, inclusion means ensuring the whole team is contributing to the process of developing, producing, and distributing the work that we are involved in, as a way of supporting each other. The women I work with at De Lorenzo are very inspirational; they continually educate themselves, work hard, juggle families and manage to succeed! I admire our ability to have a balance between all of these things – it’s a true skill.”

In a continually changing landscape where parenthood and working can now realistically go hand-in-hand, which means women can continue to pursue their careers, Bridget Bajada, Marketing Manager (16 years) praises De Lorenzo for allowing this transition to be relatively seamless.

“This year’s theme means giving women a fair chance and treating them equally. Throughout my career, I have had two children and I have been fortunate to be able to work my way up to Marketing Manager in a short space of time. This would not have been possible without employers who have made accommodations so I could – and continue to – create a work/life balance and allow me to attend special milestones throughout their schooling life.”

“With this in mind, women still face a lot of adversity. To acknowledge this and then continue to celebrate women is the first step to moving forward to gain equality.”

For our Queensland & WA State Manager, Julie Sheehan, beginning a career in hairdressing and making decisions to go on and study and complete many management and sales courses was a pathway into joining the De Lorenzo team.

“As a female, I’ve encountered few barriers during my career journey, and those few I have viewed as hurdles to overcome to pursue my career goals. I think women are very aware of how important it is to nurture others to achieve their goals and seeing what they experience when they are rewarded for their hard work. Overall, it is imperative that we encourage listening, communication and perseverance towards a solution or a goal.”

Our VIC & TAS State Manager, Marisa Costa echoes these thoughts, “I have always felt very supported as a woman in my work, so I haven’t experienced barriers. Women in hairdressing have great opportunities to be leaders and achieve unlimited success. I believe when we cultivate mutual respect among us, we do break down barriers and negativity. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate ALL women – women who are leaders inspiring others, women that are looking for courage and support, and young girls who are growing, knowing that anything is possible for them in the future.”

Layne Esterman, Payroll Officer believes International Women’s Day is the ideal way to “celebrate female achievements, promote equality and assistance to/for women’s charities. It’s a day for women to remember to stand strong, don’t let anyone put you down/minimise you and to have faith in yourself and your abilities.”

As we prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March, Megan Yabsley leaves us with the following thoughts: “As much as we have progressed in the workplace, there are still hurdles that women have to overcome in order to remain valid, seen, heard, financially secure and productive. From having families to women’s health to ageing in the workplace, it’s not simple or easy for all women. I believe allowances are needed for these factors, and more discussions surrounding these issues need to happen because women have much to contribute to the workplace and society in general. Which is why it’s so important for us to Inspire Inclusion on March 8th.”

When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we are forging a better world. It’s a world where women are inspiring other women to be included, creating a sense of belonging, relevance and empowerment. It’s a progression of the sisterhood of women supporting women!