Many of us have a love-hate relationship with fringes. Some days it does exactly what we want and sits just right, and other days it has a mind of its own. Luckily, we have some tips for some quick and easy ways to make sure your fringe is always in top form.

Tip #1:

The most important thing to remember when styling a fringe is to dry it straight after getting out of the shower. So many of us leave it till after we get ready, but by leaving your fringe for that extra time means it will start to dry into its natural position. For many of us, this is not the look we are going for! Blow dry your fringe into position – front, side swept – and always spray with a little Defence Extinguish prior to styling to protect the hair from heat damage.

ReeseTip #2:

To dry your fringe, spray a little Elements Sandstorm into the root area of the hair to achieve control and add volume. Sandstorm is a lightweight texturizing and sculpting spray that tames. Style your fringe with a small round brush, holding the hairdryer above your head facing downwards. A little trick is to blow dry your fringe, sweeping it left and then right until dry. This will prevent flyaway hairs and ensure your fringe sits straight. To get a gorgeous side sweep fringe like Reese Witherspoon, start your blow drying on the opposite side to where you want your fringe to lie. This will give some added volume and bounce at the roots so the hair can be easily manipulated into place.


Tip #3:

Invest in a good setting product such as our Elements Granite – a strong hold hairspray that protects hair against humidity to provide long lasting control, shine while maintaining flexibility. Go easy with the product though, a small spritz is all your fringe needs! If you prefer a lighter hold to your hair, our Elements Vapour Mist hairspray is for you. Vapour Mist shapes, controls and texturises hair without weighing it down and can be used to add body to your fringe too.


Tip #4:

While most of us don’t wash our hair everyday, fringes naturally tend become oilier, quicker than the rest of our hair. Give your fringe a little boost using our Essential Treatments Absorb dry shampoo to rid it of excess oils while nourishing and volumising thanks to its rosehip and bamboo extracts. You can also give your hair a shampoo using our Instant Accentu8 Shampoo & Conditioner – a lightweight formula that will add bounce and movement to your hair using a unique blend of bio-marine ingredients.


Never have a bad (fringe) day again with these quick top tips to keep your bangs on point, day to night!

De Lorenzo x