For those of us who are not blessed with natural bounce and volume, trying to create a voluminous style that will last can be a nightmare. The number of times we’ve almost cancelled plans because our limp hair won’t cooperate is countless! But as true De Lorenzo girls, no hair fiasco is too great and we have a few simple tips, tricks and products that will help prevent a flat hair disaster for any occasion.


Preparation is key to styling hair – this is a step we cannot stress enough. Without setting the right foundation – using a specific type of shampoo and conditioner – you may spend hours styling it to perfection, but the style won’t last the distance. To prep, wash your hair using our Instant Accentu8 Shampoo and Conditioner, a lightweight formula that will lift dirt but also thickens the hair cuticle leaving your hair full of bounce and movement thanks to its bio-marine extracts.

Next, use our Defence Extinguish thermal protection spray. This will shield the hair from breakages and split ends when using heated appliances. Heat styling without the correct protection causes damage to the density and texture of strands of fine hair particularly.

Add our Elements Sea Swell – a lotion that provides natural style and anti-humidity action. Sea Swell also expands hair, adding fullness and shine with an airless weight!

With blow drying, many people still think it is best to blow their hair upside down when in fact, that leaves you with locks that have the majority of volume at the nape of the neck! So, firstly, dry your hair until it is slightly damp using a medium heat. Next, finish styling your hair against its normal ‘grain’ by tilting your head side to side and use a brush to dry the hair against its normal parting. By blow drying your hair from side to side, it will add volume into the top of your roots on the crown of your head – just where we want it!

When creating a particular look, we want it to stay textured and voluminous from desk to dancefloor. Add some Elements Quicksand to your roots to provide enough hold to keep your hair full and voluminous all day. Quicksand is also great for thickening thinning or fine hair! If you’re looking for a little added texture through the mid-lengths of your hair, a quick spray of Elements Sandstorm can also be applied for added fullness and movement.


You’ll never have a flat day again with these tips and tricks. Enjoy defying gravity…!

De Lorenzo x