Gym hair is a struggle for women everywhere. How can we keep our hair out of our face while working out and then ensure it’s at its best post-workout? We have a few perfect styles, tips and products that will see you through even the most strenuous of workouts. Before you even hop onto the treadmill though, set a good foundation for your hair with our Instant Allevi8 range to ensure you have frizz free hair that is smooth and easy to style.

 The Top Knot

Our favourite go-to style for our workout, this style ensures hair stays out of our face for the duration of our session. To style, pull hair into a high ponytail, twist and secure into a bun. This will allow for gorgeous curls when you undo your top knot!

When heading back to work, release hair, brush out the curls loosely with your fingers and spray some of our Essential Treatments Absorb to roots. With rosehip and bamboo extracts, this dry shampoo is designed to cleanse, nourish and volumise hair and is perfect for use between washes for when you have to rush back to the office!

 The Braid

Most women think a braid at the gym is too much hassle, but it is actually both stylish and functional! Before styling, spray your hair with Elements Sandstorm to add texture and give your hair natural hold. Then, tightly braid your hair back – either a fishtail or French braid works nicely. After your workout, you can either leave the braid intact, simply adding some Elements Afterglow to add shine or you can undo the braid, releasing natural waves and add a spray of Elements Ocean Mist for texture thanks to its infusion of marine extracts.

 The Classic Pony

A sleek, classic ponytail is always a good, quick option for a workout. Before styling, use a generous amount of our Elements Mudslide – a strong hold sculpting crème that provides shine and definition. Pull your hair into place very tightly and tie securely. When you’ve finished working out, fix any flyaways with a spray of our Elements Vapour Mist to secure your sleek ponytail into place.


With these stylish and practical hair styles, we promise you’ll walk out with gorgeous hair!

De Lorenzo x