With the launch of our second Limited Edition series in the Novasemi and Novacolor ranges, ‘Happy Hour’  is for chromaholics who crave colour. It’s all about bolder semi-permanent and permanent colour options, inspired by fun, fruity cocktails.

Meet your new drink of choice…

APPLE MARTINI: A traditional martini is an intriguing twist of sweet and sour. Just like its counterpart, Novasemi’s new mousse colour is a strong tonic of green designed to illuminate your locks with a bright zing and enhance tone in hair.

MANGO DAIQUIRI: With its deep, sweet mango flavour offset by coconut rum and bright lime juice, the daiquiri inspires thoughts of a beachside getaway. Daiquiris were created in Havana, Cuba, where there is an abundance of tropical fruit and bright colours. Inspired by this steamy location, De Lorenzo’s Novasemi Mango Daiquiri colour is a shot of bright yellow – a sun-kissed, vibrant elixir for your hair.

BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITA: There is nothing quite like the sharp citrus nip of the blood orange and the sweet and tangy margarita showcases their flavour perfectly. Refreshing, fruity and a gorgeous, bright hue of deep pink-orange, De Lorenzo’s Blood Orange Margarita holds a place all its own in this colour collection.

Take the ombre trend to a whole new level with these flaming colours to energise your traditional look for a more intense finish!

De Lorenzo’s Novasemi and Novacolour collection have been created using a formula rich in amino acids and is infused with wild harvested Australian wattle seeds. With a focus on protecting your hair and its natural pigments from damage, the Novasemi and Novacolor formulas both strengthen the keratin protein of hair fibres and soothes the scalp with its Certified Organic Chamomile extracts.