Everyone likes to have a little fun with their hair every now and again. Shaking things up makes us feel revitalised and gives us added confidence. However, the prospect of a makeover can be daunting. What happens if I have to spend an extra half an hour styling my hair every morning? How do I make sure it looks exactly like it did when I walked out the hairdressers? What if my hair will be completely dried out and brittle? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves, but the truth is, with the right products, a hair switch up can be a very seamless process!

Juilanne Hough


Going from gorgeous, flowing long locks to a cheeky pixie cut sounds scary but it’s a decision you are unlikely to regret. Imagine life without the worry of tangled hair, time consuming styling and wispy split ends? You will feel totally liberated! When styling your new pixie, less is more. Volume is key with any short style, so add Elements Quicksand to your roots to provide instant lift and long lasting volume all day. It will also add a matte finish for added texture. To finish, use Elements Afterglow for added shine – a quick spray and you’re set.

 Cara DelvigneCOLOUR WAYS

It is becoming more and more common for people to do a total 180 with their hair colour. Blonde to brunette, brunette to blonde, red to blonde, you name it, people are doing it!

However, what most people forget, is once you dye your hair, it needs a little more TLC. Changing your hair colour will always brings a little damage even if you are going back to your natural colour. One thing many us Australians also don’t know is that we shouldn’t expose hair to chlorine for up to 2 weeks after having our hair coloured as this will strip the colour from the hair cuticle – it may be a good idea to dye your hair when the weather is a little cooler to avoid temptation!

The most important tip our hair technicians can offer is to use a shampoo and conditioner duo that is designed for toning hair and protecting colour. Our Novafusion range is perfect for colour maintenance and has been specifically formulated with a combination of paraben and sulphate-free ingredients to prevent colour fade and control hair colour. It’s cleansing system is derived from coconut fatty acids while the botanical extracts of Kakadu Plum and Birch gently cleanse all hair types while brightening hair tones. An added bonus, the Rooibos helps to protect hair against UV rays!


Go out and embrace your new do and let any fears of changing up your style be a thing of the past!

De Lorenzo x