De Lorenzo’s New Season Colour Collection, Eminence is striking and distinguished.
The Autumn/Winter Twenty Eighteen colours and styles embrace structure and
futuristic elements, for bold, statement looks.


Courtney is an artistic and individual beauty, with bold style
and a love for all things quirky. Embracing aspects of her
natural deep brown hues, she enhances her style with a
striking blue shade which frames her face. Her vibrant colour
is complemented by a blunt bob cut which incorporates a
long sweeping fringe, embracing modern femininity.
Courtney applies Instant Accentu8 Satur8 and Elements
Motion to her hair before blow-drying and smoothing
straight. She then applies Defence Extinguish as her heat
protector, before polishing the blunt look off with a
straightening iron and spritzing Elements Afterglow for a
flawless polished effect. Courtney maintains and ensures
colour longevity for her daring shade by washing with
Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo in Silver and Cool Naturals.


Karlie wears this sharp and edgy style with confidence. The
striking lines of her geometric cut, allow the multi-tonal colour
to radiate through and add definition to the style. Karlie
showcases her soft features by opting for warm, rusty, copper shades.
To ensure texture, body and depth, Karlie starts by applying
Elements Clay to damp hair, prior to blow-drying forward
using a paddle brush. She mixes DMAN Pomade and
Elements Grit to finish the look which gives Karlie ultimate
texture, whilst still maintaining shine. Karlie keeps her colour
vibrant in-between salon appointments with Novafusion
Colour Care Shampoo in Natural Tones, Copper and Cherry Red.



Kelly’s unique take on the ‘short back and sides’ perfectly
suits her powerful feminine style. The deeper red tone of the
hair adds a depth of edginess, whilst enhancing her
individual features.
Kelly adds body and texture to damp hair by starting with
Elements Clay and lightly spritzing Elements Amplify to the
crown and centre top section for increased volume. Once
product is applied, she then directionally blow dries the hair
using a paddle brush, following with DMAN Pomade to
ensure hold, whilst leaving a lustrous shine. Kelly maintains
her colour using the Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo in
Fire Red, Copper and Beige Blonde.



Sinead works her blunt bob style with an air of glamour and
embraces the pink hue trend. The soft rose shade, with
contrasting deep roots, exudes cool girl chic, whilst the blunt
cut stays true to the striking theme of the collection.
Sinead begins by protecting her hair using Defence
Extinguish and Elements Clay applied to her hair whilst
damp. She then blow-drys the front panel of the hair with a
sweeping motion, using a large round brush and beveling
the ends under, paying particular focus on the back and
sides. Sinead finishes off the look using Instant Allevi8 Shine
Serum and Elements Vapour Mist for the ultimate controlled
glossy finish and tamed fly-aways. She maintains her colour
with the use of Novafusion Colour care Shampoo in Rose
Gold and Rosewood.