De Lorenzo for Witchery AW16

Alan White took the reins for De Lorenzo backstage for the Witchery AW16 show. Two different hair looks, paired with their own beauty look, complemented the brand’s main line and more luxe collections.


The first look, used for Witchery’s primary pieces, was an undone, textured look, utilising each girl’s natural hair texture and amplifying it for perfect ‘it’ girl second-day hair. The unifying feature was a fringe hair-piece, created and coloured to each girl’s specifications, and individualised based on their overall aesthetic in both length and style.


“We worked with a fringe for the campaign and I think it represents what’s going on with girls at the moment,” Alan shared. “It’s one thing having natural movement in the hair, but it’s a definite statement when you have something solid coming through with a fringe, as opposed to it all being soft and wavy, now there’s a bit of a statement.” This look was so powerful, that Alan is working with De Lorenzo and Witchery on developing this slide-in fringe piece that could become an everyday consumer accessory.


The second look added a little more glamour, pulling the hair back into a unique knot, which Alan describes as a ‘need for speed’ detail. The 70s style look puts focus on the makeup, pulling hair away from the face but adding an edgy splayed out element that made the look more provocative.


“This look is all about sensual power,” Alan explained. “Most of the girls have got that energy about them, it’s about the makeup rather than the hair, but I still wanted to add that edge at the back. It’s really about exposing them as a powerful woman, as a woman that is confronting.”

Both hair looks utilised the De Lorenzo Elements Range as their hero products, with the Amplify Lotion, Quicksand, Sandstorm, Granite and Motion Mousse among a host of products from the range providing that covetable second-day hair for each model.