Beautiful Braids

One of the biggest fashion trends come Winter is texture, and we’re taking that trend from your outfit all the way to your hair with our own spin on things. Braids are intricate and stylish, really letting your hair be the statement with your look. And we promise, they are a lot simpler to create than they look! We’ve picked four types of braids we love, and have pulled together some steps on how to recreate these looks.


The messy fishtail braid is a great way to create a fashionable, street-style look which will last all day. Give your hair a quick spritz of our Elements Sandstorm to give the hair a matte, textured look. Promising medium control, this will make it easier to style too.

Trick: If your roots are a little limper than normal you can also spray a little there to eliminate the shine!

Section your hair into two, taking outside pieces from one side and crossing it over into the other section and repeat alternating each side. Don’t worry if there are a few stray hairs falling around your face or out of the braid – it adds to the messy chic look. Finish off with a spray of our Elements Vapour Mist to lock your style into place without weighing your hair down.


The milkmaid or halo braid is the perfect alternative to a regular updo. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to recreate!

Start with a classic French braid using the section of hair just above the left ear and working across the front of your hairline, braid towards your right ear. Continue around your head and when you get to the nape of your neck, begin pulling in the loose bottom section of hair from where you started. When you’re almost at the end, finish off with a normal plait and secure with a hair tie, making sure you are tucking in any excess hair underneath. Pop a few bobby pins in to secure into place and finish with Elements Granite Lacquer, a strong holding spray to give your do long lasting control and shine.


Braided buns are a quick and easy way to jazz up your hair if you are short on time or on the move. Apply some Instant Accentu8 Volumising Spray to your hair for some added body and movement first. Then, sweep hair up into a high ponytail and create a bun, leaving a section out. Braid the loose section of hair and then twist around the bun you’ve created, securing with bobby pins. Your last step is securing your look with a generous amount of Elements Granite Lacquer for a hold that will keep your in place all day and into the night.


De Lorenzo x