BE YOU Novasemi New Season Collection

De Lorenzo’s New Season Colour Collection lets you explore colour on a journey that is bold, playful and youthful!
Discover a kaleidoscope of vivid colours with the NEW professional semi-permanent colour cream range – Novasemi. BE YOU and own it!



Be Brash and wear this bright orange tone with confidence and determination.
The bob has been reinvented by adding a deep, side sweep and dimension using Elements Sandstorm,
a textural product with medium control and added fullness. To achieve this Brash colour,
use a mixture of Novasemi colour creams in Atomic Orange, Explosive Red and Crystal Clear.
Starting at the root area, smudge down mid-length while mixing the creams together for the desired results.
Once the colour has processed for 20 minutes, rinse, use the appropriate De Lorenzo conditioner and
apply Prescriptive Solutions Revive Moisture Repair to towel dried hair. To ensure the hair is protected and
conditioned before using heated tools, spritz the hair with Defence Extinguish; a thermal spray that protects against
heat damage and humidity. For final styling apply Elements Afterglow, the anti-humidity shine spray that protects
the style from fly-aways and unruly tresses, and will keep the style in place.



Be Bold and own a look that will be a statement and standout this season. Inject energy by applying Novasemi colour cream
in Hypnotic Pink using a root stretch method, taking multiple 2cm x 2cm sections and applying to lengths of the hair.
For a fashion subtlety, inject hues of pastel using Novasemi Crystal Clear. To achieve the loose, tousled curls, protect hair
by spritzing Defence Extinguish before applying Elements Motion which will deliver a firm, flexible hold to the hair, ensuring the curls
stay put. For extra Boldness, use a hot wand to curl sections of the hair away from the face and tease with a comb.
Finish with Elements Sandstorm and Afterglow to achieve Bold, yet sophisticated glamour!



Be Brazen and embrace your individuality with a style that is cool, yet oozes sultry.
This hue is achieved by mixing the Novasemi colour cream in Mystic Blue and Crystal Clear, and applying
to the root area and sliced panels on the hairline under the fringe for depths of colour. Wear this style with no shame
and fear of expressing individuality, finishing by styling with Elements Sandstorm and Mudslide;
a sculpting paste which provides texture, definition and endless shine – offering the edginess to this colour.
A final spritz of Elements Afterglow will leave the style unruly and avoid fly-aways.



Be Brave and own this vibrant pixie cut by fusing Novasemi colour cream in Cyber Yellow and
Crystal Clear to the mid-section of the hair by smudging gently together. For the top spikes and star of this style,
blend Cyber Yellow, Atomic Orange and Crystal Clear, paying attention to the root area, front of ears and nape.
For pre-style protection, spray towel dried hair with Defence Extinguish and work in Elements Ocean Mist
to provide the feeling of sea salt, leaving the hair with natural movement and definition.
Elements Mudslide,
a strong hold sculpting paste, is then teased through the hair using the forefinger and thumb.
Apply to the roots of the hair to add flexible texture and control to this Brave style. Then ruffle the hair for a spikey finish.