Argan Oil vs. Moroccan Oil

Argan Oil 50mL

It’s the battle of the hair oils. The rapid rise in popularity of Moroccan Oil is about to experience some serious competition in the form of a new contender, Argan Oil. What’s the difference, and which is better for our hair however? We’ve asked our Education experts and hair technicians to help answer the questions for you!

Argan Oil is the purest form of oil found in the Argan trees with the golden coloured oil, rich in Vitamin E, is extracted from the nuts of the Argan trees. Coveted for centuries, Argan Oil is highly recognised as an age-old beauty and hair secret. When incorporated into your beauty regime, Argan Oil has been proven to treat split ends, dry and irritated skin and when organic and sustainably extracted, is designed to keep your hair hydrated and glowing.

Now Moroccan Oil, if you haven’t already guessed, is Argan Oil too – the difference is that Argan Oil contains specialised elastomers that act as delivery vehicles for the golden oil, resulting in even spreadability and coverage. Once applied to your hair, these elastomers help the oil to penetrate and remarkably absorb any excess product, leaving a non greasy, powdery after feel. If you’re looking for liquid gold which gives you the benefit of these specialised elastomers, our Defence range is the way to go. It replenishes dry, brittle hair and eliminates frizz, leaving hair silky and conditioned! All the products in the Defence range have been created with a unique sulphate and paraben-free formula which has been proven to reduce hair breakage by thermal styling tools by up to 88%.

Consisting of four products, all enriched with pure organic Argan Oil, this range consists of our Defence Thermal Shampoo and Conditioner – a smoothing shampoo and conditioner designed to improve the texture and manageability of your hair, helping restore elasticity.

The Defence Extinguish Spray is a thermal spray essential for protecting hair against heat damage and providing humidity-resistant hair. This unique thermal protection spray shields hair from breakage and split ends providing protection against 240oC while delivering a natural, soft hold.

 Last, but certainly not least we have the Defence Argan Finishing Oil. A long-lasting finishing oil that replenishes dry, brittle hair and eliminates frizz. Infused with organic Argan oil and specialised elastomers, the formula is easily absorbed leaving the hair silky, conditioned with a diamond shine!

If you are like us, we always prefer to use products derived from the purest ingredients. That is why we prefer to use 100% Argan Oil and like all our other products, use sustainable sourcing and production methods to retain as much goodness as possible.

Try adding Argan Oil to your hair care routine and see the amazing beauty benefits for yourself!


De Lorenzo x