Ageing Gracefully

Once upon a time, mature women were expected to get a bob and pair it with a shade of pink lipstick. But now, age is truly just a number. The hard and fast rules on how to style your hair as you get older no longer apply as we see some of our favourite celebrities age gracefully, and with some serious style.


Fabulous at 50, and blessed with luscious locks, it’s hardly surprising that Sex & The City’s main girl, Sarah Jessica Parker is ageing as fashionably as her character.

To achieve SJP’s textured waves, start by washing your hair with our Prescriptive Solutions Control Shampoo and Conditioner. Enriched and fortified with specialised bio-complexes, it targets colour vitality and offers superior strengthening properties. After washing, apply Elements Barrel Wave to create manageable, smooth curls and deliver long lasting control without the frizz. Run your hair over with a curling tong or wand, and finish off with a spray of our Sandstorm from our Elements Wind range.

MerylMeryl Streep is the perfect example of an actress not afraid of getting older, and is one woman who has truly welcomed and embraced her age. At 65, she looks better than ever, rocking her signature windswept blow dry with grace and elegance.

To achieve Meryl’s elegant look, start by establishing a good foundation, washing your hair with our Instant Accentu8 Shampoo and Conditioner, the ultimate volumising tools to amplify your hair, leaving it full of body and movement. Next, apply our Elements Motion to your mid-lengths and ends to achieve a firm and flexible hold to your hair. Once applied, start blow drying your hair, focusing on the front – blow dry up and backwards to achieve the windswept look, which showcases your face. Secure with a spray of our Elements Vapour Mist to provide perfect control without weighing your hair down.

CateOur home grown glamour, Cate Blanchett has always been outspoken in her views about ageing gracefully. Both on screen and on the red carpet, 45 year old Cate always radiates a natural beauty.

You can achieve her tousled, yet elegant up-style by starting off with our Instant Allevi8 range, infused with a luxurious blend of 8 organic ingredients to ensure shiny, silky, and smooth, frizz free hair. Towel dry your hair and apply a generous amount of Elements Ocean Mist to your mid lengths to ends to provide the feel and texture of beach washed hair and to create natural movement. Start pinning your hair back with bobby pins that match your hair tone – don’t worry too much about being neat, the great thing about Cate’s look is that imperfection is the key! After you’re all pinned up, apply a quick shake of Elements Quicksand on your roots to provide instant volume, texture and root lift to your up-do; perfect for fine or thinning hair and providing just enough hold to keep you in place all day and night!


Remember, age is just a number!

De Lorenzo x