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Our Story

Our Core Values

No Animal Ingredients or testing

We strongly oppose animal testing and do not use this practice nor any animal derived ingredients in the manufacturing of our products. In the De Lorenzo studio, we conduct our own in-house evaluations on volunteer models who enjoy being part of the development process and seeing it evolve. De Lorenzo proudly supports Animals Australia.

Vegan Certified Plant Based Ingredients

All De Lorenzo products are vegan certified and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), using plant based and certified organic ingredients that are sustainably farmed and wild harvested wherever possible.

We do not use any animal product or by-products, such as lanolin, keratin, beeswax or silk proteins. Our products are infused with aromatic botanical oils and native plants such as Wattle Seed and Kakadu Plum, all balanced to well suit the Australian climate.

100% Australian Made & Owned Company

Today we remain as one of the few Australian made professional hair brands who create the products that are conceived, researched, developed, tested, manufactured and dispatched all under one roof in Sydney.

Environmentally Sustainable

For decades De Lorenzo has set an example of environmental leadership. We continually look for opportunities to implement new processes and technologies. To reduce our footprint De Lorenzo is incorporating the highest component of recycled material in all of our packaging used, a logo is displayed on the packaging as to the recycled component being used.

Where we began

In the early 1930s, brothers Anton and Vincent de Lorenzo began their burgeoning careers in the hairdressing industry as barbers in Redfern, New South Wales. As their skills and passion for hairdressing developed, so did their acclaimed reputation within the industry which lead to their expertise being sought after by fashionable, high profile clientele.


Vincent and Anton

de Lorenzo’s first salon opens in Sydney on the corner of Rowe & Castlereagh St. Soon after they moved to the eponymous salon in Sydney’s prestigious CBD Trust Building with a stylish list of A-Listers


Vincent and Anton begun researching and assembling their hair formulations, followed by the launch of the first salon-only product range to be made in Australia – De Lorenzo


Commercialisation of their first haircare range DELVA


Original DELVA manufacturing site opened


A head start to success aired on TV, making DELVA a household name


DELVA was bought out by a multinational corporation


De Lorenzo launched into the market

De Lorenzo has always had an ethical approach to haircare.

Our mission is to provide professional salons with the best quality, natural based haircare, manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.

We use certified organic ingredients that are sustainably farmed and wild-harvested wherever possible. We strongly oppose animal testing, are CCF listed ( and we don't use ingredients of animal origin.